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BlocAid™ + EcoZinc™

BlocAid™ Gloves are specially designed and engineered with EcoZinc™, which is directly embedded and extruded into the recycled poly blend fiber to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes.  

- EcoZinc™is Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA 
- Antibacterial properties built in for protection
- Inhibits odor causing bacteria 
- Fungus, mold and mildew resistant 
- Designed to provide a cleaner personal environment 
- Maximum performance for the lifetime of the garment
- Touch screen compatible
- Made in the USA 

Click Here For More Information and Studies on EcoZinc™ 

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Anti-bacterial with EcoZinc™ 

The glove is self-cleaning and will continue to eliminate harmful bacteria from the surface of the glove as you go about your day.

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Made with the Planet in Mind 

BlocAid™gloves are made from recycled poly blend fibers and do not pose the environmental threat that Latex and Nitrile gloves do.  

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Made to Last 

Can be washed over and over again while still maintaining their anti-bacterial properties and integrity of the garment. 

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